The debut full-length from Annie Williams,
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Visitor vinyl Visitor vinyl


The debut full-length now available

  • A

    Getting Old 3:19
    Midnight 2:50
    Visitor 4:30
    Louise 3:29

  • B

    Fantasy You're Fine 4:03
    Oh My Love 3:25
    Lover Like You 3:05
    Gemini 2:21
    Hwy 287 2:20

Annie Williams: Electric Guitar, Vocals, Synth, Piano, Drums
Bill Reynolds: Bass, Synth, Drums
Brett Resnick: Pedal Steel
Sarah Carter, Kia Brown, Grace Biggs, Laura Baisden, Kylie Dailey: Harmony Vocals

Produced by Bill Reynolds and Annie Williams

Recorded and Engineered by Annie Williams at the Refuge Arts in Appleton, WI
Recorded and Engineered by Bill Reynolds at The Fleetwood Shack in Nashville, TN
Mixed by Bill Reynolds and Jason Kingsland
Mastered by Patrick Damphier

Album photography and creative direction by Megan May
Visitor fire ring by Emily Miller & Benjamin Williams
Album art by Annie Williams & Michael Eades
Additional creative direction by Caroline Bowman

Releases May 29, 2024 • YK-120 •

Annie Williams

On Visitor
by Chris Crofton

Do you ever think about "the sacred and profane?" I do. Especially these days, I’m interested in the sacred. And I’m not talking about religion. Nothing against religion, but I’m interested in the secular sacred - kindness, flowers, coffee, music, waterfalls, being of service - that sort of thing. If you get enough kindness and coffee in one place - for me, that’s church. Annie Williams takes you to that kind of church. These songs of hers are sacred spaces. Little universes, where, through the honesty of Annie’s voice, small subjects become large. In Annie’s world, a lost dog (“Midnight”), the movie “Thelma and Louise” (“Thelma”), a highway (“Hwy 287”) and love (“Oh My Love”) are all equally-worthy inspirations.

Annie is based in Nashville, TN. You wanna know how she got here? She was playing her guitar at a party at University of Wyoming, and a touring gospel hip-hop group saw her. They invited her to come to Nashville, and be on their label. The deal fell through, but Annie stayed in Tennessee.

When you listen to this record, you might say to yourself, “Gospel hip-hop group? I don’t get it.” But I get it. At that party in Wyoming, sacred recognized sacred.

In the midst of the 24-hour news cycle, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important. Annie’s songs gently, effortlessly - and joyfully - remind us to refocus.
—Chris Crofton

Photo by Megan May

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